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"Turn YOUR Court Judgment into Ca$h!"

Making a payment has never been easier! Simply click on the PayPal logo to start the payment process!

Please have your major credit card(s) ready to pay your judgment in full. Then, pay off your credit card balance with regular monthly payments -- it's easy AND convenient!

Once we've received your payment of the judgment in full, we'll stop all further enforcement action AND we'll send you confirmation in writing. Also, you'll receive a CERTIFIED copy of your "Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of Judgment in Full" within ten (10) days.

PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use the PayPal service to pay your judgment with a major credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have made your payment using PayPal, that payment is FINAL, and you CANNOT undo the payment because you are paying a court-ordered judgment.

Thanks for taking advantage of our easy payment program!

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